Think Big–Go Gigantic.

Transforming ideas into reality by aligning business objectives, technology innovations, and user expectations using a lean-agile collaborative approach to design

Gigantic Vision.

Frank Dreyer has been creating products that have defined new media and user experiences since 1998 and has an extensive track record for collaboratively building creative departments for startups and enterprises, most recently at Highmark Health and FedEx Express. Over the last decade, he has focused on evolving storytelling through transmedia user experiences and transformation design which focuses on people as products and their continuous journey to thrive. Previously, Frank produced user experience products, media and managed distribution platforms for Nagra/Kudelski; migrating to interactive television with clients such as USA Today, Scientific-Atlanta, and Time-Warner by leveraging his nine years in the music industry where he contributed significantly to the introduction of paid online music downloads. Frank is a team leader that has extensive experience managing products for both enterprise and consumers, design thinking, industrial design, graphic design, content marketing, and branding.


Design in all forms follows one universal truth: to visualize imagination. Communication, application, and product design follow this rule. The art of design is pulling together diverse visions and producing a concept that tells a story that people desire. When people love something, they tell their friends about it, and everyone buys in.


Design Thinking adds a dimension to businesses that they may not believe they can afford. When all the O's start thinking about the experience and fund, manage, and market the results of hard work instead of the action of working the outcome becomes a transformation that's value is priceless and perceived by everyone.


User experiences live in a complex digital universe made up of a multitude of devices, connectivity, and software languages. Designing with the platform in mind helps create worlds that no one thought existed as coding and design continue to converge to advance the medium.


Visualization is only the beginning. After creating a product or experience, it needs to find it's users. Designing the brand, onboarding, and marketing programs go hand-in-hand with the holistic discovery, usability, and look and feel aspect of development. We call this Concept-To-Cash, it's how we measure worth.