Think Gigantic from Concept to Cash

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The ultimate challenge for any company is to move a project from concept to market that people love and tell their friends. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to be a part of many great projects and time, and time again, the ones that launched successfully were the projects that fostered collaboration between the business, development, and creative departments. Involving design thinking principles early in the lifecycle to discover and refine the ideas to bring to market consistently set these products apart.

In 2003, we worked with the management of Livewire OS/Nagravision to productize a portable middleware and turnkey set-top box program that went on to sell almost 8 million units to date.

Based on my consulting record with Scientific-Atlanta and USA Today, we were asked to produce a user experience for a basic channel changing box or Zapper. Once the working prototype was completed, we developed the sales and configuration materials necessary to bring it to market. Then we created the training, and consumer documentation operators need to launch their systems. Always working hand-in-hand with the business and developers to align the product with what we believed the market was looking for and evolving with the technology available to us.