The Gigantic Company completes design of latest album for the Brevard Busking Coalition

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The long awaited second album from eclectic multi-instrumentalist super acoustic band the Brevard Busking Coalition is on its way to the duplicating house. The 11 song album is titled “Last Night at the Old Hotel” and is expected for release in early August. When deciding on a conceptual theme for the album, we wanted to create an atmosphere that was in juxtaposition with the rather funky and upbeat nature of the band’s music. Working with the band, we played with the theme of the band acting as the house act in one of Florida’s fabled railroad hotels. The title came in a moment of inspiration, words lending themselves to a variety of interpretations — is it the hotel’s last night? The band’s? Or are we talking about yesterday evening? Is it an old hotel, or one that is familiar and expected? Mysteriously, we couldn’t find a titular hotel with the look we wanted in Central Florida; this particular slice of state history has been torn down, erased, and renovated into something completely different in less than 100 years. We eventually widened our search and were gifted photos of the abandoned Sanatorio Durán near Cartago, Costa Rica taken by world-renowned artist Jaime-David Tishler. Blending these images of fading grandeur and poignant graffiti with the band’s last performance with the late Bryan Tilford at the Kilted Mermaid in Vero Beach, artist Francis Gigantic created something incredibly haunting and ethereal to provide counterpoint to the band’s joyful and pensive music.